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Fundraising for DanceWEB participation

  • ImPulsTanz Vienna Austria (map)

I have been accepted to go to ImPulsTanz on a DanceWEB scholarship this year. If I can raise the funds I'll be going as a "frog" which means that I will have a role in assisting the other scholarship holders as I've been there already (in 2013). For me this is a amazing chance to re-visit the festival, and renew a load of things around how, why, where and what in this dancing world.  Last time, as well as this time I was unfortunately not successful in securing funding from the UK Arts Council to support this amazing opportunity, hence starting this fundraising campaign and reaching out to you.

Here's what going back to ImPulsTanz means:

- getting to know and dance with lots of people from different countries and contexts- sharing knowledge and experiences, connecting and supporting each other

-watching many new performances works in the theatres and museums of Vienna

-training, workshops, research projects galore

-plus, depending how the referendum goes, I imagine some kind of Europe-related soul-searching and strategy making...

Specifically I intend to explore my research around dance and the gallery context (my workSatelliser: a dance for the gallery has a methodology that I believe can help support conversations around working conditions, self-care, togetherness, seeing and showing up). By taking every opportunity to continue the conversations and explorations of this work with everyone, I hope I can do some supportive work in Vienna in this summer. I'll also be going for a swim or two in the Donnau.

I promise to always seek to enrich each new context I am in, to the best of my energetic capacities, and to tell you about all of it- through my works, teaching, writing and beyond. 

If we can all get the funding sorted out, I shall be in the excellent company of other UK-based artists each making the journey to Vienna this summer. 

Anything you can manage to give is so appreciated.