no one gives a damn about what you don't do. Banner (2010) 

no one gives a damn about what you don't do. Banner (2010) 


I'm starting this page up again because a few student groups have asked for resources around the conditions they are graduating into, about the journeys I have made and broader concerns.

The content I will add here will also follow ongoing and urgent discussions around #Metoo, the anti-sexism campaign ENGAGEMENT (Belgium) and the as-yet untitled artist meeting group that has recently been convening in the UK (London currently) to discuss conditions for making and continuing to make in our contemporary climate(s).

I may add upcoming training/ talks/ workshops etc offered by other artists but it's not about auditions, only tools and resources.

It'll be a mix, just what comes up. Feel free to let me know what's missing. 


Also check out: radical non-symmetrical (reciprocated) advocacy (more writing on this is coming very soon, as requested by Lorea and Hannah- thank you for the invitation to say more...).


some beginnings/ structural work:

register to vote (UK. EU citizens in UK you can vote in local elections)

To start with, I often think that we should all read The Tyranny of Structurelessness (Jo Freeman)

What dancers talk about when they talk about sexism (Ilse Gherkiere)

ENGAGEMENT- call to end sexism in the arts. Resources and tools coming out of Belgian context.

Noone gives a damn about what you don't do/ some notes around graduating PDF (2013). This is old and a bit silly, but in case it helps anyone I've left it up.


resources for making and thinking about dance etc:

everybody's toolbox - resources, scores, games.... 

nobody's business - local and international exchange of practices in performing arts

synchronous objects- visualising choreographic thinking in different ways

ubu web -library of film, poetry, dance....

in terms of performance - keywords anthology designed to provoke discovery across artistic disciplines

some things about dance  e-book from Simon Ellis

oral site platform to support digital artist publications

the red line an online community for everyone involved in making dance & choreography


resources for working as an artist:

making your life as an artist guide  buy or download for free

how to get an exhibition

One Dance UK’s Careers Guide (2017)


(UK) open-ish doors (sub-heading suggested by Hamish)

Chisenhale Dance Space: work/space exchange, membership applications need two existing members to be named - you can check if you know any already and if not you can meet them at things like Open lab or coffee mornings; Also things like Fiver Fridays

Coffee mornings (anyone can suggest and run one pretty if it fits within the general scope of them)

Resolution!  Every January and February, platform for showing work in theatre.




Not much going on - if you're reading this please can you make some! (Hamish!)

exeunt magazine

Bellyflop magazine -not currently online, find some resources though here and here

beyond UK:

SARMA  laboratory for discursive practices and expanded publication in the field of dance



(UK) funding and finances

what is arts funding?

survey on dancers' pay


body/ self-care:

Recovering from ankle sprains

50 ways to take care of yourself in the arts


environment/ responsibility/ ecology

call to end arts sponsorship by funds from fossil fuels







contributions/ submissions and suggestions so far from Janine, HamishIris, Alice and Rosemary.


let me know what else should be here.