screensaver for Villa Empain
screensaver for TripSpace
private screensavers
screensaver at MOCO

In June 2017 we presented current and ongoing research at MOCO 17: 4th International conference on movement and computing.

screensaver is a work-in-progress performance installation involving four dancers, a choreographer, and a musician/coder. Relationships between movement—physical, virtual and abstract—and technology are the subject of research. We propose screensaver as an intervention to raise philosophical questions and challenge assumptions about how movement research can be framed within/ alongside technological contexts.

Supported by Arts Council England, Sadler's Wells, South East Dance, Trip Space, Brandwatch, Brighton Digital Festival, Pola Art Foundation through research grant funds allocated by Naoto Hieda for participation in Choreographic Coding Lab in Amsterdam..

screensaver for Villa Empain
screensaver for Villa Empain

The screensaver project began in 2016 with a scratch production for Trip Space, London with sound from Jamie Forth. Since then it has been developed as a gallery installation performed at Blain Southern Gallery, London and Villa Empain, Brussels as part of the exhibition Decor curated by Asad Raza, Tino Sehgal and Dorothea Von Hantelmann. Recently I took the project to the Choreographic Coding Lab in Amsterdam and began working with Erik Axel Eggleing on a future collaboration using processing tools to work with the choreography, creating video outputs

It is an ongoing and unfolding project, which will ultimately have multiple outputs and collaborators. 

The project has happened in the following contexts:

-MOCO conference, Goldsmiths London, June 2017 (gallery installation with sound)

-Choreographic Coding Lab 8, Amsterdam, May 2017 (video research)

-Villa Empain in exhibition Decor, January 2017 (gallery installation)

-Blain Southern gallery private event, June 2016 (gallery installation)

-Trip Space Trip the Light, May 2016 (theatre version with sound)

screensaver x erik axel eggeling

Results from experimentation at the 8th Choreographic Coding Lab with Erik Axel Eggeling, De Brakke Grond Amsterdam.


Villa Empain dancers (above): Janine Harrington, Erik Nevin, Louise Tanoto, Elisa Vassena

Video: Caroline Scheurmans

Curated by: Asad Raza, Dorothea von Hantelmann, Tino Sehgal


MOCO conference, Goldsmiths dancers: Vanessa Abreu, Charlie Ashwell, Stella Papi, Elisa Vassena

Sound/ live coding: Jamie Forth


Choreographic Coding Lab video dancers: Luke Birch, Iris Chan, Janine Harrington, Christopher Matthews, James Morgan, Katja Nyqist, Pepa Ubera, Elisa Vassena

Processing: Erik Axel Eggeling


Blain Southern private event dancers: Vanessa Abreu, Charlie Ashwell, Janine Harrington, James Morgan, Stella Papi.

Make-up: Leanne Eliot

Images: Carlos Jiminez

Curated by: Bosse & Baum


Trip Space dancers: Vanessa Abreu, Charlie Ashwell, James Morgan, Stella Papi

Sound design: Jamie Forth

Images: Marta Barina










screensaver for TripSpace
screensaver for TripSpace

The screensaver series is an ongoing project exploring ideas around technology, attention and cognition. The screensavers exist as independent states/ scores for gallery, theatre and screen spaces.

With an interest in non-neurotypical cognitive experiences, screensaver  attempts to emulate a “background” state in which the movement of colour and patterns are foregrounded, in between other types of demand and activity. In this respect the work will articulate a position in dialogue with what might temporally proceed and follow in a programme of theatre pieces, or in relation to the attentional dynamics in the gallery space. 

The temporarily altered- “blank”-state of the early computer screen in screen-saver mode is here imagined as a moratorium on meaning making, a pause in processing, and a space in which something else can unfold. With a particular rhythmic quality of pattern change, and off-key spatiality to prevent burn-out, the lull of screensaver will be gentle and undemanding, and quietly stimulating at the same time. 


screensaver for theatre was first tested at TripSpace Trip the Light Intercontinental Drifts 4 May 2016.

private screensavers
private screensavers

 At Blain Southern for Bosse & Baum. 

We can screen-save at your event. Contact for more information and pricing.