trying is a framework, an imperfect idea, a beginning, some form of response and action.

trying is an effort by Janine Harrington and Christopher Matthews.

trying builds on another imperfect proposition: radical non-symmetrical (reciprocated) advocacy which offers that each of us-  where we engage- has agency to make changes for the better of all of us however small our reach may seem.

In this spirit we are trying in 2019 to make the most of our collective resources and develop radical ways of sharing practices and information across contexts. This also feels like exploring ways to queer relations to organisations.

trying then and now: Chris and Janine

trying then and now: Chris and Janine

For trying in 2019 we have invited Shannon Stewart to lead a public-facing and participatory workshop-research project parallel to Chris’s work. 

We have fundraised for several bursary places and for a pot of money to help with access costs to make it more possible for people to take part in this workshop. You can read the letter sent to organisations here.

More information on the workshop and how to take part coming very soon, and always up to date here

Dates to hold: Oct 16th-19th, location: London