Unspecified Involvements is a space to share experimental, fragile and partial practices involving writing. We are making this space to support our practices, and imagine future iterations following formats to be determined by the needs and questions of the people taking part. 



Unspecified Involvements #3 happens 25th June in Brussels.


- Pablo Alvez
- Caroline Godart
- Simon Asencio
- Thomas Dupal




Unspecified Involvements #4 may happen in Oslo in early July. Are you interested? Get in touch.






Unspecified Involvements #2 happened on 30th May in London with:

Laura Burns, Clover Peake, Janine Harrington, Therese Westin & Rohanne K Udall as/and Tate n Lyle


Unspecified Involvements #1 happened 16th May in Brussels hosted by Artists Commons Brussel with:

Thomas Dupal, Janine Harrington, James Hogan, Eleanor Ivory Weber and Júlia Rocha


Get in touch if you'd like to read/ share.