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  Next shows:   NottDance, Nottingham, 10th October 2019  Tanzfestival Winterthur, Switzerland 15th November 2019  London- announcement soon- 30th November 2019     Recent shows:   UK Dance Showcase, Poole, May 2019  Rise Festival, Findhorn, May 2019  OOPS Festival, Brighton, March 2019  Sadler’s Wells Sampled, London, Feb 2019  Dance Umbrella, London, Oct 2018  MOCO conference, London, June 2017  Décor exhibition, Villa Empain, Brussels, Jan 2017    Screensaver Series is danced by:  Elisa Vassena, Vanessa Abreu, Louise Tanoto, Stephanie McMann, Stella Papi, Janine Harrington, Iris Chan, Rosalie Bell.     Image by Roswitha Chesher
  Like sand tumbling down a dune; like a glacier breaking off; like a virus proliferating through a body; like a choreography falling apart.                                                                                                        - Paul Hughes, for DRAFF
 STACK is a playful and interactive dance-puzzle in the  People Make Patterns  series of works (with  The Performing Book  and  3x3 ). Following ongoing interest in play, learning and coding, STACK proposes an environment in which five dancers and an audience meet in a real-time interactive situation. STACK behaves like an open-ended game where dancers amass and scatter in various configurations following a logic to be discovered by the audience through their own positions in space. Audience can work together to compose or erode an image, to bring dancers together or keep them apart. The invitation to the audience is to play, together.    The development of STACK has been supported by Arts Council England, South East Dance, Roehampton Dance & Sadler’s Wells.
3 x 3
  The Bridge  was the created as the culmination of research and development during a yearlong  BBC Performing Arts Fund  fellowship hosted by  Independent Dance  and is part of my algorithmic performance series.   45 performers danced in 10 structures/ systems which proposed different relationships between the audience and the dancers. As the audience moved across the bridge, their movement activated dances according to rules which could be learned through further physical investigation.             
 LAND was made through a process with Charlotte Spencer and Vanessa Cook, supported by Candoco youth dance company and taking place at Siobhan Davies Studios in partnership with Big Dance, The National Trust and Wates Foundation.   Dancers: Young people aged 12-26 from London who took part in The Making Space project.  Photos: Gorm Ashurst.   
The Performing Book at Brighton Festival
 10 Minutes video